Megan Trotter

I turn People & Culture partners into Experience Designers

I can help if you...

  • Are daring enough to try unconventional methods that can positively change your people/employee experience
  • Want to unlock the potential and effectiveness of your teams
  • Are keen to break free from the traditional view and world of HR

Become truly people-centric and agile; shed the limiting perception associated with 'HR'

Change is hard, I know. Especially when time is limited and the operational side of work takes priority, when you aren't sure where to start, or when you don't know what you don't know.

Change is possible. Especially when you have someone to help you break down the barriers to new ways of working. I can teach you the mindset, framework and approach that will help you succeed.

  • Facilitation

    I help your team have greater impact by guiding them through activities to generate ideas, solve problems and make decisions.

  • Coaching

    I offer Experience Design coaching on a 1-to-1 or team basis to empower your People & Culture teams in putting theory into practice.

  • Training

    My talks and hands-on workshops to teach your team the foundations of Experience Design and how to apply it to their work.


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