About Megan

UXer turned EXer

It's time to balance the "customer experience" conversation with the "employee experience" conversation.
My firm belief

An intentionally designed employee experience is the foundation of any great customer experience

There is a lot of talk in design about the need for viable, feasible and desirable solutions, but not enough talk about the state of wellbeing, belonging and meaning amongst the employees delivering the product, or how these impact their ability to engage in and produce quality outcomes.


My approach

I am committed to supporting organisations in taking a people-centric approach to designing their employee experience.
Empathy through research
The only way to truly solve a problem is to first understand it in-depth and empathise with those who have it.
Design through
To identify the best solution requires concepts and ideas to be vigorously tested and iterated on.
Co-creation through facilitation
A designers role is to facilitate the co-creation of products and services with the customer (or employee).
Quality through collaboration
High performing teams understand that quality is achieved through cognitive diversity and collaboration.

My journey

The pursuit I find most rewarding is helping others to live meaningful lives. When we spend so much of our time at work and with our colleagues, I believe this should be the first place to focus.
September, 2020 - Present
MSc Organisational Psychology
I am now studying at City, University of London, to better understand how to improve the working lives of employees.
November 2018- Present
People & Culture Coaching
I have been leveraging my knowledge and skills in UX to coach People Teams on how to apply Design Thinking to the realm of Employee Experience on projects relating to employee wellbeing, feedback, engagement, line management and salary.
July 2015 - Present
UX Designer
I have honed my skills in qualitative research, facilitating workshops, co-creation, and concept testing through years of work as a User Experience Designer.
February 2012 - December, 2016
Bachelor of Fine Arts
I trained in Interactive and Visual Design, a degree that developed my foundational knowledge in Design Thinking principles and processes for human-centred problem solving.

Ready to work together?

I'm enthusiastic about working with ambitious people who want to disrupt the traditional world of HR and design great employee experiences.